Why did the UK leave the EU

Why Did The UK Leave The EU?

Recently the British people decided to leave the European Union, through a voter’s margin of only 4%, resulting in a decision being termed as “Brexit”. Many consequences will be in store for Britain, with some already being seen to have taken effect, and others still to come. However, these knock-on effects were predicted beforehand, so what exactly made Britain decide… Read more →

The UK Labour Market

Should We Worry About The UK Labour Market?

As the build-up the referendum is ever increasing, opinion polls conducted are consistently narrowing. Questions arise about the countries strategy to reduce the deficit, and with the timing of the proposed interest rate rise being delayed investors are now starting to take the vote seriously. With both consumers and corporations delaying decisions about investments until the result, the economic recovery… Read more →

The Art Of Trading Crude Oil Shares

The Art Of Trading Crude Oil Shares

When discussing commodities trading, oil is usually the first thing that pops into people’s heads. By far, it is one of the most widely traded commodities on global markets and is a crucial factor in the running of a number of different industries. But, learning how to trade crude oil shares online and knowing its associated risks can be challenging.… Read more →

The history of Samsung and Samsung Shares

The History Of Samsung And Samsung Shares

Headquartered in Seoul, Samsung is a massive company that has a number of international conglomerate businesses. A man named Lee Byung-chul founded the firm in 1938, originally as a trading company. Samsung grew steadily and acquired more and more diversified interests, such as textiles, insurance, food processing and securities, just to name a few. In the 1960s, Samsung made an… Read more →


How Tо Buу Bitcoin

Thеrе іѕ nо dоubting the fact thаt bitcoin trаdіng is slowly taking thе wоrld bу storm. Arriving with some serious hуре behind it, it seems to have largely lived up to its longstanding potential as a cryptocurrency. Saying that, bіtсоіn trading саn still bе dangerous, but in all hоnеѕtlу it is a lоt easier than most people think tо acquire bitcoins, with… Read more →

Bargain Hunters Circle Lloyds Shares

Bargain Hunters Circle Lloyds Shares

It is now considered be a key brand within the chancellor’s privatisation efforts, as Lloyds is a bank that is making headlines for seemingly all the right reasons. The bank itself has been on a lengthy journey, but it now looks like the high street name has started to come of age. Many have cited a comparison with recently privatised… Read more →


How Alphabet Will Affect Google Moving Forward

When someone mentions the world “Alphabet” you will more than likely think A-B-C, but in the future you will think of Google. This is because Google have now announced plans to shift the company into an umbrella like structure, which will see Alphabet be its new governing name. Given the stock market presence of Google, the news has surprised many… Read more →