‘Well speak to you soon London Lady.’

‘Bye Dad’ ‘London Lady’ is that what I was now? I have been living in London for 3 months. I have to say it has taken some getting used to but I’ve managed to gain some very significant, inside knowledge on how to survive. It is a world away from the small town in which I came, where I would ride horses and walk bare-feet to the local post office (4 miles away). ‘Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.’ Sorry. Distracted. So London: the never-ending late nights, the crowded underground, the somewhat unfriendly yet intimidating faces and the constant flow of traffic.

Should I Invest in CFDs?

A contract for difference (CFD) is the difference between a trade price when it is entered and subsequently executed. This difference is a tradable commodity that mirrors the movement of the underlying asset it is based upon. Due to this, it qualifies for any losses and profits the base level asset encounters, but most importantly it should be noted that… Read more →

Which Team Will Win This World Cup?

If England is the home of football, then there is no doubt that the beautiful games spiritual home lies over 5000 miles away in Brazil. This summer the beach laden nation hosts the 2014 World Cup, with 32 nations involved, this guide looks at the runners and riders who are vying to win this World Cup. Bookmakers Favourites Leading the… Read more →

Is Alibaba a Good Share Investment?

The Alibaba IPO is set to make anywhere between $153 and $200 billion, according to analysts at Bloomberg. So just how good an investment is Alibaba? Let’s take a look at the facts. Alibaba is a giant Chinese e-commerce corporation, part owned by Yahoo. The Chinese e-commerce operation as a whole is growing steadily larger and more powerful. In fact,… Read more →

It’s nearly time England!!

Having watched the opening ceremony of the world cup and the match last night I am now even more excited about tomorrow nights match, although England don’t kick off until 11:30pm!! I’ll have to make sure I’m still awake. Brasil played well last night although the penalty was a bit questionable, I do get sick of these football players that… Read more →