Bargain Hunters Circle Lloyds Shares

Bargain Hunters Circle Lloyds Shares

It is now considered be a key brand within the chancellor’s privatisation efforts, as Lloyds is a bank that is making headlines for seemingly all the right reasons. The bank itself has been on a lengthy journey, but it now looks like the high street name has started to come of age. Many have cited a comparison with recently privatised… Read more →


How Alphabet Will Affect Google Moving Forward

When someone mentions the world “Alphabet” you will more than likely think A-B-C, but in the future you will think of Google. This is because Google have now announced plans to shift the company into an umbrella like structure, which will see Alphabet be its new governing name. Given the stock market presence of Google, the news has surprised many… Read more →

Ferrari IPO

3 key elements of the Ferrari IPO

When you think about Italian sports car makers you think of Ferrari. The brand is globally known for its luxury offerings and in many ways is a merchandising powerhouse. In what has seemingly been a lengthy wait, those who fancy themselves a part of the company can now freely move to acquire such through the soon to be launch Ferrari… Read more →

The Story of the Greek Elections

The Greek elections have made headlines around the world, as Syriza claimed victory and vowed to change Greece for the better by stamping out austerity. But in order to tell the true story of the Greek elections, you need to journey back to the country’s glory days. After adopting the euro as their currency back in 2001 the nation embarked… Read more →

First Week

First working week of the year: Over. And it has actually gone really fast. So what has happened so far this year in the UK? Well it’s been really windy, which means terror as we lose our wheelie bins and awake to see neighbours running out in their dressing gowns to claim there’s back! Once again lots of random people… Read more →