apple and samsung war

The Apple And Samsung War Rumbles On

With audiophiles angered by the removal of the headphone jack on one side, and with exploding batteries on the other, the war between Samsung and Apple over smartphone supremacy has evolved. What started out as a seemingly low-key business rivalry has now progressed rapidly via mud slinging and various high-profile court cases. Considering the legal troubles that both companies are… Read more →

The Factors That Influence Apple Shares Performance

Continually causing conflict among analysts, Apple shares used to be an unstoppable force while under Steve Jobs. Tim Cook, however, had some big shoes to fill, and the company failed to meet targets in 2013. Q1 reports, in fact, showed the first profit decline in almost ten years. This mixed, almost unpredictable performance has left investors confused and worried. The… Read more →

The Peaks And Troughs Of Penny Shares Investing

Many investors seem to hold onto penny shares for longer than they had intended, especially if they are after a large profit.  While it’s true that many buy for the long-term with the view that the shares will become the next GlaxoSmithKline, but it’s the speculators that can make share prices gyrate wildly. It is understandable that penny shares will… Read more →

Compass Group Shares Moving Up

By the end of June 2016, catering services company Compass Group underlined its strong performance throughout the year so far. Across the whole group, revenue had increased by a significant 5.8% on an organic basis. Whereas sales within the North America division had seen a huge 8.3% increase. Europe and the rest of the world should also be pleased with… Read more →

Financial Institutions Weigh-In On Brexit

The shock of Britain leaving the European Union is spreading beyond just the city of London, with EU financial circles already feeling the impact. The financiers across the channel, from Frankfurt to Milan have received the news of Britain’s exit with sadness, regret, and disbelief. It’s the kind of news a lot of people never expected. According to Marie Owens… Read more →

Why Did The UK Leave The EU?

Recently the British people decided to leave the European Union, through a voter’s margin of only 4%, resulting in a decision being termed as “Brexit”. Many consequences will be in store for Britain, with some already being seen to have taken effect, and others still to come. However, these knock-on effects were predicted beforehand, so what exactly made Britain decide… Read more →

Should We Worry About The UK Labour Market?

As the build-up the referendum is ever increasing, opinion polls conducted are consistently narrowing. Questions arise about the countries strategy to reduce the deficit, and with the timing of the proposed interest rate rise being delayed investors are now starting to take the vote seriously. With both consumers and corporations delaying decisions about investments until the result, the economic recovery… Read more →