The Story of the Greek Elections

The Greek elections have made headlines around the world, as Syriza claimed victory and vowed to change Greece for the better by stamping out austerity. But in order to tell the true story of the Greek elections, you need to journey back to the country’s glory days. After adopting the euro as their currency back in 2001 the nation embarked… Read more →

First Week

First working week of the year: Over. And it has actually gone really fast. So what has happened so far this year in the UK? Well it’s been really windy, which means terror as we lose our wheelie bins and awake to see neighbours running out in their dressing gowns to claim there’s back! Once again lots of random people… Read more →

Hello 2015

Happy New Year!  First day of work in 2015 and it’s a Friday! So lets hope every week goes this quick! The office is a little busier today and some work is actually getting done. So, what have we got to look forward to this year? Of course the new STAR WARS film!! Not long to go now. Also new… Read more →

New Years Resolution

Every year people set themselves new years resolutions. And by February most have given up. I never normally set one but I think this year I will. Everyone sets the same one every year and I think that’s why it never works. Quit smoking, get healthy, stop drinking, save money, etc. These are things that take more than just a… Read more →

Hangover Cure

I have found some tips on how to prevent and cure a hangover. Most are pretty obvious but I never normally do them! Before you go out drink lots of water!! Eat lots!! And hide your bank card, so you can limit how much you drink! When you get home drink lots of water before you go to bed. Avoid… Read more →

Back To Work

Back to work today, but seems like I may be the only one! The train was empty and London is still quiet. Those 4 days went way too quick! I had a great Christmas, ate too much though! Oh well, only 2 and a half days then it’s NYE!! I have decided to stay safe with a house party this year.… Read more →