Scottish Referendum Rumours Cause Pound Dip

Scottish Referendum Rumors Cause Pound Dip

It will come as no surprise, but it has been reported that PM May remains staunchly against a yet another Scottish independence referendum taking place. Speaking to reporters in London, a rep of the PM openly stated; “Should another referendum regarding Scottish Independence be muted? Our straight forward answer to that is a concise ‘No’.” A statement – which addressed… Read more →

The UK General Election

The UK General Election: pragmatic reaction, opportunist ploy or a bit of both?

On the 18th April 2017, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland announced that she was going to ask parliament to call a General Election of the 8th of June that year. This move caused surprise and indeed seemed to represent a flip-flop for Mrs May, who had previously always stated that there would… Read more →

qudian ipo

Qudian IPO – Must watch IPO

By the early months of 2017, the prospect of a Qudian IPO was exciting considerable interest around the world. The Chinese micro-lender was rumoured to be seeking an IPO in New York and hoping to raise a figure that was estimated as varying between US$500 million up to US$1 billion. Analysts spoke of an interesting opportunity presented by this unusual… Read more →

samsung shares trading guide

Samsung Shares Trading Guide

If you are trading in Samsung shares then you are probably aware that all has been rosy in the world of the South Korean electronics giant over the past year. Indeed it has seemed at times that the company has been permanently beset by scandals of all sorts and kinds. There was the scandal with the Galaxy Note 7, a… Read more →

should i invest in silver

Should I Invest In Silver?

Silver is something many people are now wondering if it is a better investment than other forms of precious metals. This article will look at some of the basics of investing in silver and whether or not it should be of interest to those with long-term investment ambition.   How can you invest in silver?   There are three different… Read more →

apple and samsung war

The Apple And Samsung War Rumbles On

With audiophiles angered by the removal of the headphone jack on one side, and with exploding batteries on the other, the war between Samsung and Apple over smartphone supremacy has evolved. What started out as a seemingly low-key business rivalry has now progressed rapidly via mud slinging and various high-profile court cases. Considering the legal troubles that both companies are… Read more →